Knowing how to get rid of wasps in season is a necessity, should you want a relaxing time in the garden or any outdoor or indoor space undisturbed. During the wasp season they populate and gather in large numbers and combined with a painful sting if you are unfortunate enough to obtain one. To a lot of people, they are the summer pest.

Should you find a wasp nest up in a cavity of the roof or external walls, it is of high importance that you manage it quickly, to keep both yourself and everyone else safe.

How to Reduce the Risk of a Wasp Sting.

There are actions you can take which help reduce the attraction of the wasp and deter them from joining your company.

Keep all sweet foods covered inside the house or out, they are known to be attracted to sweet things such as jellies, cakes, and jams etc.

Burning strong candles such as citronella, will deter wasps as they are not too keen on citrus smells. Incense burners can also be highly effective.

Distraction Tactics can also have an impact. If you are holding a gathering or event in the garden for example, leave something sweet far away from the gathering. Say for example a glass of sweet fruit juice placed in a distant corner will attract the wasps and keep them occupied.

For all it is an initial reaction, try not to swat wasps with your arms or other body movements. This could enrage or excite the wasp and increase the chance of getting stung. The hardest and wisest thing to do is stay perfectly still and calm and the pest should move on. Detergent such as washing up liquid also deters wasps as the detergent blocks their breathing spores. If you spray them with a soap detergent and water solution the wasp will more than likely back off removing the danger.

Seek Help From a Professional Pest Controller.

If you spot a potential area where wasps are congregating around your home, garage, or outdoor shed etc. Try to avoid them nesting in the area with WD40. Be sure to apply to cover the area heavily, and where needed get deep into tight apertures, this can help to avoid any potential nesting etc.

Wasps do return to the same nesting spots year on year, they are very territorial. Rather than manage the eradication of a wasp nest yourself. It is advisable and safer to call in a Wasp Nest Removal Professional, especially if the nest is in an awkward or unreachable location.