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RAT pest control Wardley

Fully licensed and insured to carry out pest control and environmental services.

Rat Pest Control Wardley

AJV Pest Control are conveniently positioned to respond and serve both domestic and commercial customers in Wardley and Surrounding Areas Leam Lane, Felling, Heworth, Pelaw, Follingsby and Felling. 

We are a Pest Control and Pest Removal company who provide a complete range of pest control and pest removal services to domestic customers, organisations and commercial customers and businesses across the City of Sunderland. 

Whether your pest problem is ant pest control, wasp pest control and removal, rat pest control and removal, mice pest control and removal, flea pest cost control and removal, bed bug pest control and removal, bird pest control and removal, or any other type of pest issue such as rabbits, moles, or foxes. We fully understand the anxiety and nuisance value that a pest infestation can cause. Whatever your pest problem be it in the home, store, office, workshop, or factory unit. The experience of having your home or place of business invaded by pests that can carry harmful diseases to both humans and pets is an experience you do not need. We pride ourselves in finding a solution to your pest problem and closure of the anxiety that a pest problem can create. With over 10 years of experience in pest control and removal we have learnt the ways, traits and habits of insects and rodents, and have developed through learning and experience the best and most effective methods required to relieve your home or commercial property of any pest problem. We are more than qualified to meet your pest control removal requirements.

Rat Pest Control In Wardley.

We are a family run business who deliver fast and affordable pest control services, and for those pest control removal situations that require urgency and an immediate solution. We do offer a 24-hour emergency pest control service built for the home and business. We can remove pests efficiently and effectively. Leaving you free to carry on with your day to day life without the nuisance value, burden, anxiety, and embarrassment a pest or rodent problem creates. We fully understand how stressful and troubling a pest problem is and the importance of removing it. What can start out as a small problem can escalate quickly into a costly and devasting one. If you have an insect problem such as cockroaches or fleas, or you have noticed signs of a rodent such as mice or rats on your property then call us immediately. At AJ Verminator Pest Control we will assess your pest problem with you on the phone or arrange an on-site visit to survey the issue. We can advise you on the best treatment plan and method to eliminate your pest problem and help to prevent any pest issue from returning. By explaining the actions and controls needed to suit your pest predicament. If treatment is required, we will keep you fully informed throughout the eradication process and advise on what can be done to minimise disruption during the removal process. Pest control and vermin removal are sensitive issues and all actions taken to remove the pest problem will be carried out with complete discretion.


Wasps are aggressive pests that will sting when provoked. Having a Wasp Nest on your property either Domestic or Commercial is a hazard to both residents, staff, and people nearby. Wasp nest removal should be carried out by a professional service. DIY methods of Wasp Removal are both dangerous and in nearly all cases unsuccessful.

Rat Pest Control

Having problems with rats in the home or business premises. As well as endangering your safety these rodents can cause havoc on your property. They pose severe health risks by the diseases they carry. They breed often which grows the pack fast. In urban areas their population has grown fast as they love to live in that kind of environment.

Mouse Pest Control

Mice can cause both distress and damage in any home or business premises. Mice can get through the smallest of gaps once on your premises and ridding yourself of these rodents can be difficult. They breed often which grows the pack fast resulting in infestation if not addressed.

Flea Infestation

Overcoming a flea infestation in your home or business yourself is no easy task and can be difficult to beat. Fleas are parasites which for most are a common problem in the home, especially if there are pets living there. They cause irritating and unpleasant bites to both humans and pets and require Professional Removal.

Bed Bug Infestation

Bed Bugs are small insects that tend to live in the crevices and surrounding of your bed. They feed on blood from your flesh. They do not in most cases cause any harm, but a reaction from the bites they can give can be common and being affected by this is a cause for both distress and discomfort.

Bird control

Having problems trying to prevent birds from entering or nesting in your home or place of business. If this is you will understand how much of an issue, and how difficult removal of these pests can be. Should you have any kind of Bird Pest Control Problem. We have both the knowledge and expertise to remove the pest.

Ant Infestation

Ant problems or Ant infestations as they are better known, are a nuisance as their presence can seem never ending. Ant nests and Ant Colonies can remain on your property for years whether in doors or in outside space such as your garden. They can quickly infest an entire building if not dealt with swiftly by a professional pest controller.

Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroaches or roaches as they are often referred to. They can quickly infest an entire building if not dealt with swiftly by a professional pest controller. They present a serious health risk to you and your family, and in business staff and customers.


The fox is a very smart and cunning animal. Historically confined to the countryside and farming areas. They are now a common pest in urban areas, adapting to pretty much any element presented to them in any town or city. They are also a pest around pets, and have been known to attack cats and dogs, rabbits, and poultry.

Mole Pest Control

Having problems with Mole Infestation in your garden or landscape. Moles are quite common pests tending to live in hills, open countryside, and woods. They are always ready to branch out invading gardens and fields. They can quickly infest an entire field if not dealt with swiftly by a professional pest controller.


Rabbits are quite common pests. They can cause a lot of destruction inflicting a lot of destruction on plants and crops particularly damaging vegetation. They are very resourceful pests, who thrive in both rural and urban areas. They also breed at a huge rate, growing in colony size very quickly if professional help is not sourced to rid the pest.

DEER control

Deer population is on the increase in the UK. The issues this brings are they can cause a lot of destruction and can cause a great deal of damage to plants, trees, and crops. They are also a high contributor to road accidents as they find their way onto country roads and highways.

Pest Control Near Me

It is known that an insect pest or rodent pest will invade any premises. Regardless of how clean and tidy your home, restaurant, office, or place of business is, you can fall prey to that unwanted pest or rodent problem. The truth is that in today’s world pest and vermin problems are on the rise. Our pest control service to both domestic and commercial customers is built to protect you and your family, staff and customers safe from pesky pests, and protect your premises and personal property from the damage and destruction insects and rodent pests can cause. Not to mention the health implications that can sometimes be associated skin conditions, allergies, breathing difficulties and anxieties. A lot of our work comes from previous satisfied clients, who recommend our pest control removal services. Our objective when managing a pest problem is to make it extremely difficult for pest problems to re-occur in the future after been dealt with, through a cost-effective solution. All calls or contact requests we receive are responded to with urgency by our accredited pest control technicians. Whatever call we receive we will respond to; our service is fully insured. We will discuss everything that we feel can be done to eradicate your pest concern. It is important to us that you are fully aware of how we intend to manage your pest problem.

Pest Control in your business or any commercial environment can require more of a strategic approach. Sometimes a longer-term containment management plan or solution may be required to avoid the pests returning. It can often depend on the type of business, the building structure, and the location of it.

Diy methods of pest control and pest removal can appear to be cost effective when sourced from the high street or diy store. But in nearly all cases they can be dangerous, costly long term and end up been unsuccessful in dealing with your pest problem. No job is too big or too small for our pest control technicians. There is no type of pest control or pest infestation we have not managed before. Our pest control methods are efficient, effective, and humane. You may for example at this very moment be living with a bird pest problem that you tend to put up with daily. Not only is it a noise nuisance issue, they could be depositing droppings on your building and properties or surrounding walkways, on your vehicles or visiting vehicles to your place of business. Or you may have a wasp’s nest on the property and the children are limited to playing in the garden because of the risk and danger to them from it. AJ Verminator Pest Control can provide a solution to this for you. You can rely on us.

We cover all North East areas including Bishop Auckland, Chester Le Street, Darlington, Derwentside, Durham, Gateshead, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, North Tyneside, Northumberland, South Shields, South Tyneside, and Washington. We have an ever-growing client base and pretty much cover all areas within the North East Region.

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