Having a Rat issue can cause both anguish and distress in any home or business. It’s in everyone’s best interests to try and deter them from getting on or inside your property in the first place.

The following Tips can prevent a Rat or Rodent Problem on your Premises.

How to Deter Rats in Outdoor Areas.

Put household rubbish and waste in metal or plastic bins and ensure the lids are securely down, denying any access to a regular foodbank for any rodent. Keep outside areas tidy and clear from Debris especially Garden Areas. Rats love clutter and mess where they can hide and infest unseen from the human eye.

If you have a compost heap or plot, do not contribute food or organic vegetation to it.

How To Deter Rats from Entering Your Property.

The rat is a versatile and agile rodent, and can gain entry to your home by any gaps that are present within your external building structure. It is advisable to periodically check for gaps and holes in or around pipework and utility cable entry points etc. Where there is a potential hole or gap take action and block or fill the cavity with something strong and permanent such as metal sheeting, cement, concrete, and caulk filler. Some species of rats are good climbers, so inspection needs to cover a height of approx. 1.5 metres. Gaps around door facias and under weatherboards etc should also be considered as a young Rat can be flexible enough to gain an entry. If your thinking of a cat flap on your exterior door be mindful, as this is also a known point of entry for the rodent.

Having a secure roof structure is equally important, a rat can gain entry to a loft space through holes in the roof caused by missing slates or broken tiles. Or if your eaves are in poor condition entry could be made. Ensure all external Drains and Pipework are in good condition with no breakage and covered securely. Anything that you see that’s needs repair get it done as a matter of urgency.

How to Deter Rats inside the Home.

Try and keep food off lower surfaces, and store on a bench or an upper cupboard where possible. Keep food products in closed containers metal or glass preferably. If you have pets in the home or have bird boxes or feeding trays in the garden, clean all seed and food spillages up and keep the area clear from excess feed if possible.

If you suspect you may have a rat problem, whether it be through noise detection or disturbance. They are at there most active during nightfall under the cover of darkness. For all you may have not seen one, you could detect signs of a presence:

Finally, if you notice any of the above and think you may have a rat present. It is imperative you contact a pest removal specialist to deal with the rodent professionally and efficiently reducing the risk of an infestation.

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